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Sunday, March 27, 2011

your words :)

hey.okey ni aku nak cerita masa aku text dgn hafizh td .dye sweet sgt ,terharu aku XD ,nak taw ape dye sent ? okey .shut up and read :

hafizh :please dont get bored with me.dont forget me.i want you in my life. i got a dream now. to wait for you and when the time is right, i want to make u my wife. i love you forever and ever beautiful :*

bee :atototototo .co cweet :* ,thanks handsome.*ayat sape u tibai ?HAHA (al maklum lah ,since dye puji aku guna ayat org lain,aku dh tak caya sgt.asal ayat sweet je ,aku tanya dye tibai ayat sape.HAHAHA)

hafizh : ayat i ,SUMPAH ! :)

bee :okey okey.haha

hafizh :hee ,ikhlas tuu sayang :)

bee :i tahu handsome :*

okey done ! dye sweet kan ?cakap ye !kalau tak aku babap sorg sorg :P ,k bye :D

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