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Monday, October 31, 2011

boys should know these :p

minah mana aku tibai ni >.<

assalamualaikum ! wacha duin ? have you eaten ? hee,today i 'll talk lil bit about girls if they are in love with someone :D guys , please pay attention ! dont sleep

  • When a girl says she was upset, but she did not shed a tear, it means that she was crying in her careful !
  • she will remember all things although the 'thing' is a small matter to you
  • she always stare at you
  • always praise you no matter what you do and who are you
  • she always story about you to her friends
  • always give all her attention to you
  • she will give her phone number easily
  • easy get jealous when you contact or spending time with other girls
  • she will conscious of her look when you are around.
  • she remembers your special days.example : your birthday
k thats all,tata :p

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