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Saturday, March 26, 2011

hazrina ♥

hey !okey done .see tht ?haa what ?! the girl ,oh yes that beautiful girl .where did i know her ?through her blog i guess .i keep finding her facebook but i can't get it until i asked her boyfriend .FAWWAZ SYAHIR .so readers,open your eyes to read those small words :P

to hazrina ,dont be jealous please ?can you ?HAHA.i just asked about your facebook .see,how 'terer' i am.HAHA. one of your post makes me crazy and laughing like an evil -.-' .do you remember your post about butang baju ,then pontianak jongang ,keto-ot and so on ? yaa !that post lahh .i igt nak chat dengan you kat fb ouh ,tp u tade fb pulak.haihh .btw,thanks cause stalking my blog XD .yyiiihaaaa ,you know what ?dulu i benci girl ACS because ada one girl rampas boyfie i .i gelar budak perempuan ACS just like 'minah kampung' and i ckp budak ACS cikaro semua.tahun lepas punya hal.guess what ?!since i know you better .i think that not all ACS's girl like i right ?yes !i knew it :P .you looks like chinese .mix blood ke ?you've a great voice haz.lepas ni masuk AF lah,okey ? XD i orang pertama yang vote you nanti.HAHAHA .im done with HARINA's story :)

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